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Of the methods of manual therapy, the most effective results are shown by the following techniques: massage and osteopathy allow you to restore microcirculation of blood and lymphatic fluid, start the process of normalizing the nutrition of the soft tissues of the thigh; reflexology starts the process of repairing damaged tissues, improves tissue innervation; physical therapy and kinesiotherapy improve the condition of muscles and ligaments.
Laser exposure and other types of physiotherapy can be used. Each course of treatment is developed individually, taking into account the characteristics of the patient's body. Remember! Self-medication can be dangerous! Contact your doctor. Roth Bernhardt's disease, symptoms and treatment.

Often manifestations occur after a sharp weight loss. The loss of fat mass leads to the fact that the nerve comes into contact with the femur, joint or ligaments and is compressed when the hip is flexed. Neoplasms: tumors, hematomas, proliferation of bone mass in patients with coxarthrosis also interfere with the normal passage of generic ivermectin pills.

The following external and internal factors can lead to compression of stromectol online cutaneous femoral nerve on the right or left: back and spine injuries; degenerative changes in the spine; inflammation in the abdominal cavity; neoplasms; neuralgia; sprain; abdominal ascites; hematomas of the retroperitoneal space; pregnancy; sedentary lifestyle; obesity; hypothermia; wearing corsets and tight underwear; frequent wearing of a belt; long stay in one position; consequences of the operation.

It is worth mentioning that many confuse this type of neuralgia with. But it must be said that pain in sciatic neuralgia and discomfort during Roth's disease cannot be confused. Therefore, if you are experiencing "shooting" and shooting pains, then most likely it is pain in the sciatic nerve, and not Roth's disease.

The cause of the disease is nerve compression. In order to avoid the risk of damage to rabbits with VGBK, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures - vaccination. The first time rabbits are vaccinated at the age of 45 days, the second time after 3 months, after - every 6 months until the end of the animal's life. Pregnant females are vaccinated at any period of pregnancy, rabbits under the age of 30 days, in this case, receive 100% protection against stromectol pills for sale.